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Castor Sunglasses® recovers traditional craftsmanship to combine it with the precision of technology and design. The result is 100% eco-friendly handcrafted wooden sunglasses with high-quality lenses. A different concept, a way of doing things with style and passion ...

We have developed a unique manufacturing process with a high level of demand. After experimenting with various processes, we have come to the conclusion that by manufacturing the glasses with solid wood, we preserve the essence of it and obtain a totally unique piece. For us precision and manual work are always present.

General description


Polarized Lenses
Polarization layer that blocks reflected light that is annoying to the eyes, improves your visual well-being allowing a sharper vision, without reflections and with more natural colors.


Solar protection
Sunscreen, UV400 Protection and CE Marking, our sunglasses protect your eyes from the damaging effects of solar radiation. UNE-EN ISO 8980-3: 2014 standard.


Ultralight frames and temples for a perfect facial fit, comfortable nose pads and bridges and flexible hinges to the width of your face.


The natural material used in the design of our glasses is varnished and treated to combat the wear and tear of elements such as mist and water; guaranteed daily use.


All our woods (Bamboo, Sandalwood, Mahogany, Zebra and Ebony) are extracted in a sustained and natural way adapted to an ecological production process at 100%.


High quality

High quality frame, durable against aging over time, qualities that our manufacturing material in Castor Sunglasses® fulfills

Vision with polarized lens

Slide the arrow pointer for a polarized lens effect!

Delivery anywhere in the world.

We work with the leading transport agencies in the market so that it reaches you in record time.



Whether it's grade wood from the Pacific Northwest forests or cellulose acetate from Italy, we scour the globe in search of the world's most premium materials and components. Our sunglasses are ecological, 100% sustainable and handmade.

We are here to make an impact, to leave a positive footprint on our environment and on our society. We are here to show that there are other ways of doing things, and to affirm that it is the responsibility of brands to offer sustainable products to all of us who consume fashion or any type of service.


Castor Sunglasses® is a brand with a very clear objective: to offer glasses with a radical and quality design made only from recycled and ecological materials at a revolutionary price. Our business is socially conscious. Our motto "look beyond the garbage" is what makes us what we are and what we are. We intend to reinvent the eyewear business by offering a quality product made only with recycled materials.

Wood products are always linked to sustainability, but working with any type of wood and the means with which they are worked do not always guarantee a sustainable result. At Castor Sunglasses® we strive to make the whole process as ecological as possible, making recycling a small obsession and taking care of important details such as the sustainability of wood and the non-use during the manufacturing process of toxic and / or aggressive products with environment.

Our materials

These are the materials we use to create our glasses (plastic, recycled tires, corks, HDPE, bamboo, cans and bio acetate). If we don't recycle them, they would make our planet a worse place, polluting the atmosphere, the oceans, the land on which we grow crops, ... everything. At Castor Sunglasses® we give you a second life. These materials give our glasses characteristics that make them unique: flexibility, resistance, lightness,… We do something good for the planet and good for the consumer.











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Căstor Sunglasses®


Social project

Do good

Social conscience to do good

Here at Castor Sunglasses®, we always strive to give back to those around us; This is how we start. We want to offer quality products that have meaning and do something beneficial by purchasing those products. In addition to doing good to Mother Nature, we also work to do good to people around the world. A part of each purchase goes to a worthy cause to which we have decided to donate.



Our recycled cardboard boxes are made by young people with disabilities who find it difficult to integrate into working life due to their functional diversity. But the foundation does not only seek to help them obtain a job, but to attend to all their needs, train them in the different areas of their life and accompany them until they achieve complete independence and integration.

Make foggy glasses a thing of the past




Castor Sunglasses® reusable anti-fog lens cleaner provides clear and free vision, especially during mask use, both on optical glasses and sunglasses.

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