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This product has been specifically designed as an anti-fog protector for optical or sun glasses (glass or polycarbonate), polycarbonate swimming goggles, although it is equally effective on any glassy surface (inside windshields, bathroom mirrors, vehicles, etc ... )

Given its neutral pH (7.0) and the zero irritability of its components, it is ideal for use on surfaces close to the eyes. Its base is only deionized water, and it does not contain any type of organic solvent (isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, glycols, etc.) since, under immersion conditions, they could evaporate and affect the surfaces and ocular fluids.

See Anti-Fog in action

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At Castor Sunglasses® we work hard to constantly innovate in the creation of glasses. Now we have launched a new Anti-fog cleaning cloth for the care of your glasses.

Applied correctly (according to instructions for use) it creates a protective film that prevents the condensation of micro drops on the surface where it has been used. Its low concentration of surfactants, together with the silicone it incorporates, lengthens its effectiveness for approximately 24 hours (depending on conditions).

Make foggy glasses a thing of the past

The last few months have significantly changed our daily life. Gone are the days when our glasses only fogged up when we walked into a warm cozy room or had a hot drink. Now that masks and face shields have become the norm, fogging is a daily hazard. Castor Sunglasses® reusable anti-fog lens cleaner provides clear and free vision, especially during mask use, both on optical glasses and sunglasses. Here's the smart part: the microfiber cloth works by minimizing surface tension, thus preventing condensation. The anti-fogging properties create a film of water instead of individual droplets, and this prevents the lens from fogging up. For fast and efficient results, clean your Castor Sunglasses® lenses evenly with the anti-fog cleaning cloth before placing the cloth back in its sealed bag. After each use, the lenses will remain fog-free for up to 12 hours. The anti-fog cloth can be used up to 300 times and can be used for up to 12 months.

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