In each section, primary Indonesian Muslim written material and internet are viewed as, with the reflections of the respondents


In each area, first Indonesian Muslim literature and web sites are considered, accompanied by the insights for the participants. Subsequently, the matching data from Norway was explored in the same way.

The power framework between spouses

Within taste of Indonesian Muslim writing and internet, almost two of the championships supported the husbanda€™s control of the kids as an appropriate design developed by Jesus. Implementing rates through the Qura€™an and Hadith writing, similar message ended up being repeated for the option: The man try obliged to operate as a leader of group, and is accountable for its sustenance. The wife is actually obliged becoming obedient to them husbanda€™s guidance, insofar since they usually do not struggle with Islam (al-Hamd 2010 ; Sati 2010 ; Afgandi and Ag 2011 ; Fadilah 2013 ; Murad 2013 ). One ebook and another online review by Professor Musdah Mulia, a famous Indonesian Muslim feminist, opposed these looks then advocated gender equality (Mulia 2005 , 2016 ).

All 35 Indonesian respondents considered the husbanda€™s power over their wife as an Islamic structure. Two female teachers, Artika 28 and Marina 22, compared this patriarchal design on standard. These were the sole sort that outlined by themselves as social Muslims, without sticking with a number of the main Islamic doctrines. The 33 misstravel online continuing to be respondents supported a patriarchal framework, and all of them seated these personal conduct with what they observed is Islamic norms. The variation within the answers had been rather limited:

The spouse is always obliged to offer this lady hubby, although she actually is sick. She should be acquiescent. We commonly apologize to my husband because I’m not really adequate at pleasant him or her. (Nisa 45, female, partnered, senior school teacher, Jawa)

The partner is actually obliged to honour goodness, the Prophet and her partner. (Wahid 52, men, hitched, imam, Lombok)

In the event that wife isn’t focused by the wife, she’s going to perish. Individuals or places regulated by ladies is demolished. (Zahra 19, female, wedded, look employees, Lombok)

Mentally, women are weak, while the male is powerful. Generally a guy is very fair, although the woman quickly gains understanding for some certain males. (Rustam 40, males, attached, resort boss, Lombok)

As stated in Islam, the wife was required as the leader in addition to the girlfriend is definitely obliged to become obedient. And also this applies in cases after the partner is much more sensible and qualified than the hubby. (Dewi 55, feminine, joined, senior school trainer, hijab, Jawa)

My personal mom and all simple lengthy group adhere to patriarchal reasoning, simply because they’re tight Muslims. This is what i have already been hearing around me personally since I have had been a young child. Yourself, I dona€™t much like the thought of females serving guys, and the girlfriend are obedient to their hubby. The phrase a€?obedienta€™ reveals an electricity build that could be oppressive. I have come across how your mom, just who genuinely believes since, really is affected with it. She desires develop a shop, but my father is very against it. To become an obedient spouse, the mum keeps sacrificed them older fancy. (Marina 22, feminine, solitary, scholar, not hijab, Jawa)

Should people get acquiescent and subordinate to guys? No, (a€¦) males and females are the same in accordance with the Qura€™an. (a€¦) both handbook plus the Qura€™an have comments that have to be interpreted over the years. We do it using good judgment. (Linstad 2011 , 14a€“15)

Ia€™m completely contrary to the thought of the spouse obeying the husband. The partnership between spouses should always be completely identical, like what exactly is typical here in Europe. The Prophet (calm end up being upon him or her) displayed big romance towards his own wives and in addition we must follow him or her. (a€¦) Patriarchal messages inside Qura€™an and Hadith ought to be read in mild of the setting regarding olden days, and may not be implemented essentially right now. (Naila 29, woman, attached, individual, hijab, originally from Norway with Pakistani sources)

Sex difference is an issue to all of Muslim nations. This can be as a result of traditions rather than by Islam. If Muslims actually have practised real Islam, these issues wouldn’t has happened. (Zulfikar 23, males, unmarried, individual, born in Norway with Pakistani beginnings)

According to Islam, the guy ought to be the brain on the personal, great testament emerged two fold worth. I clearly oppose these designs. I am a Muslim, yet when you are looking at gender parts, We focus on the behavior within Norwegian country over Islamic attitudes. (Iram 25, female, unmarried, professor, not hijab, born in Norway with Pakistani roots)

Reported by Sharia, Jesus enjoys prescribed various sex functions. (a€¦) One might point out that the wife is actually minister of foreign considerations, even though the partner is minister of room affairs. (Basim 28, male, joined, librarian, originally from Bosnia and immigrated to Norway as a young child)